Download Full Metal Monsters

Download Full Metal Monsters

Download Full Metal Monsters
Download Full Metal Monsters

Full Metal Monsters is an online multiplayer game for Android and iOS devices in this game you can ride dinosaurs and fight with an enemy who also rides different types of dinosaurs.

Full Metal Monsters is a 5 vs 5 PVP shooter game you can control the beasts what you want in this game there is many dinosaurs are available for you TRAX Raptor and other like that you can also choose flying dinosaurs. So you are free to battle on the sky also. Fully metal’s dinosaurs are also available for you or you are free to choose a wide range of dinosaurs.


Graphics wise this game is very beautiful you can see bright and crispy graphics in this game and details of the dinosaurs is also great and when I play this game in my galaxy j7 nxt I didn't face single lag and any type of issue. Overall graphics performance is good.

Controls are also very good and responsive you can play easily if you play the first time you didn't have faced any type of issue.


In this game, you can get three types of dinosaurs

  1. Full metal
  2. Organic
  3. Augmented

When I play this game I actually feel like ark survival and the gameplay is really good if you want to see a video of gameplay then check out the video at end of the post. In this game, you can choose different types of dinosaurs and guns and other weapons also preloaded of dinosaurs and you have to kill enemy player dinosaurs. You can destroy enemy dinosaurs with not only guns and weapons but also with dinosaurs bite when you are too close with enemy dinosaurs your dinosaur is bitten enemy dinosaurs and give damage to him and kill them.


This game is still on the development mod and you cannot download the game from playstore because in the play store you got pre registered option but if you can't wait and want to download the game then you can hit the download button given below and you are going to redirect on download menu.
Watch My gameplay of Full Metal Monsters

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