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Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia
Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia is a third person sci-fi game and that is a sequel of  Evolution Battle for Utopia.

This game has been published by B.V. and its first installment Evolution Battle for Utopia is also has been the biggest hit in shooting games.

Evolution Battle for Utopia got editors choice in 2015 and this first part is also part of the best game in 2014.

Now its time to the second installment Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia this part also has a nice storyline same like the previous installment.

this game tells you a story about the universe of Utopia from another angle.


Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia has a great storyline. a planet called Utopia occupied by marauders, monsters and battle robots and you need to fight with them to save the world of Utopia.

Captain Black is the main character in this game and he will get his superpower by various experiments that tested on them. 


Graphics wise this game is good because of its size and its around 400 MB game so it's fair graphics for 400 MB game. when playing this game in my Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT 3GB version it's running smoothly in my device and I enjoy this game so far.

so if you have 1 or 2 GB ram then its also run in your device. graphics are very enjoyable and very colorful.


Gameplay wise this game earns good points. because when I play this game I enjoy it because it's a shooting game and I really like shooting games so if you like shooting games then you should try it.

many characters are available in this game. when you play this game it will remember you Frontline Commando.

this game is an online game so if you want to play this game then you need the internet connection.


This game is still on the pre-registration mod in Play Store but if you want to play this game then I will give you a link to download this game.

If you facing any type of issue to download this game then comment in the comment box and I should try to solve your problems very fast.

if you want to see the gameplay of this game then you should try this video given below its recorded by me on my Galaxy J7 NXT.

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