Call of Duty Mobile second beta Phase for Android/IOS

Call of Duty Mobile second beta Phase for Android/IOS

Call of Duty Mobile second beta Phase for Android/IOS
Call of Duty Mobile second beta Phase for Android/IOS

When Tencent announced the Call of Duty Legends of War trailer, every gamer is excited about it and when they released the first beta phase of the game in Australia, every gamer downloaded it and played with VPN.

After ends of the first beta test for the Call of Duty legends of war. Tencent closed all their servers of the game. because this game is still on the development and with this beta test they find and remove the bugs from the game.


But now if you have the game on your mobile phone then you notice a small update in the game so what is the meaning of this update? Should it be a second beta phase?

The answer to this question is no. Because many YouTubers and people talk about that is a second beta phase from recent but it's not because I personally test it and I found that it would not.

When I found that call of duty legends of war gets the update then I instantly download it and try to run the game but all time I fail to load a game. When I try to load the game every time this type of message appeared on the screen like connection fail or internet error.

So, friends, it is not a second beta phase it's only small update because this game is still under development. So if you think that this game us entered in the second beta phase then it's totally wrong.

Don't believe on any types of fake videos that shows you and spread fake news about call of duty mobile beta test because in the YouTube many videos are running about call of duty beta phase but they all are fake and they making this videos only for earning from it and you can see that this type of videos earn millions of views because they know what people want and they also give us what exactly we want.

Release Date

So, in this case, you thought that what is the exact date of launching Call of Duty Legends of war. So it's around March end.

Rumors say that call of duty mobile globally released in March end. The game first released in China because this game is created by Tencent games and Tencent games is a Chinese game developer company so when they released any games then they always roll out in China first because pubg mobile is first released in China after that they released its global version in play store or other places. so if you watch fake videos of call of duty mobile second beta phase then don't download any think through those links because if you download it then you are wasting your data and time.

So don't download it because when Tencent officially starts beta testing for call of duty we inform you because we are never spread fake news for earning. 

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