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Bluehost review

Bluehost review

Bluehost review
Bluehost review

Every blogger who knows bloggers B they also know about Bluehost. Because I think Bluehost is one of the best web hosting providers I ever saw.

Bluehost is a web hosting provider company it is one of the 20 largest web hostings. bluehost is a premium web hosting providers and also that support is also phenomenal. many successful bloggers and companies are used blue hosting for their web site. 

Harsh Agarwal is an Indias biggest blogger and also millions of bloggers idol also. he also uses Bluehost for their website called it is a famous Indian blogger harsh Agarwal's website he also preferred Bluehost for others for their website.

Type of Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated hosting means when a web hosting provider company is creating a server in the server they put 16 GB ram 32 GB ram i3 or i5 processor and hard disk so when you buy Dedicated Hosting from hosting company they will give you a full server that they are created when they will give you a full server at a time its cost gets higher than another hosting plan because they will give you a full server for your website and no one is part of your hosting you are the only owner of the server.

VPS Hosting

  • VPS Hosting means when the company created a server and after that they will create several partitions of the server like 2 GB ram partition from 16gb and 32gb or whatever they are using, for example, assume that if you buy Dedicated hosting of 16 GB ram server then you got fully server but if you buying VPS Hosting then company divided 16 GB ram server in to 2 GB's 8 partition so you got only 2gb ram partition from the full server and company will sell another 7 partition of the server to their other customer so in the one server they are 8 owners of the server.

Shared Hosting

  • Shared hosting means when web hosting provider creates several parts of VPS Hosting for example dedicated hosting means fully server is yours VPS Hosting means several parts of the dedicated server and shared hosting means another several parts of VPS Hosting. Shared hosting is cheap compared to other two hosting because in the shared hosting you are not alone in full server many other peoples also pay for shared hosting so it's cheap.

Plans for web hosting

Shared Hosting

Bluehost provides three types of plans for shared hosting and that totally depends on you that which one you want to choose as per your requirements.

In these three plans, I strongly suggest the third one because there is no price difference between the second and third one so if you want to enjoy more services then choose the third one Choice Plus.

VPS Hosting

In the VPS Hosting, there are also three plans like shared hosting.

In this case, all three is the best one for you and I suggest the second one Enhanced and that's best for you. but if you get more traffics and you want ultimate performance than ultimate plan is best for you.

Dedicated Hosting

In the Dedicated Hosting, you will get a dedicated server for your website and you are the only owner of your server.

If you have your business and if you have millions of traffic then you need for something powerful like Dedicated Hosting. in all three plans, I will suggest you second one Enhanced plan that's best for you.

Best Plan for Beginners

Bluehost most popular and the most reliable plan is $3.95/mo if you are a beginner then this plan is best for you because no one company provide this type of plan for you. sometimes people are attracted by other hosting company's low price hosting plans and after they are purchased cheap hosting form other hosting providers they didn't satisfy by the hosting. but Bluehost is a strong competitor ya some time price is a little bit higher than others but it does not matter when you got a phenomenal performance. my many friends use Bluehost hosting and when I was asking him about which hosting is best for our web site then they always suggest Bluehost and I also experience the power of Bluehost hosting. I never experience any type of issue with Bluehost its great for every on to buy Bluehost hosting.

if you want to buy Bluehost $3.95/mo Plan then I will give you link bellow

24/7 Support

Bluehost provide their customers to 24/7 support and it is very important for you because many web hosting companies do not provide you customer care support so when you face some issue with your hosting then you are only dependent on emails and other things for your issue. and another side when your hosting provider company gives you fully 24/7 support then you no need to fear about any type of issue because they are always available for you at 24/7 any time anywhere.

Bluehost gives you 24/7 phone, live chat, and email support. when you contact them they will quickly replay to your question and trying to solve your issues.

Pre-made Support Videos & Text Tutorials

I really like their videos and text tutorials because everybody is not a programmer and everyone is not master in blogging so they issue videos and text tutorials for all their services that providing us.

for beginners who don't know about the services and how to use them for the web site the videos and tutorials very help him to use the services.

even they also have their youtube channel and its very active channel if you don't have to find a video for your issue then you are free to write your question in youtube and they will simply upload a video tutorial about your issue. so its very helpful for all users.


Bluehost security is very awesome they very serious about their security and their three tools SpamAssassin, Spam Hammer, and Spam Experts is best for security.

not only top plans but Bluehost give the best security for their all hosting plans even beginners plan so if you have Bluehost hosting then you don't need to worry about any type of spam and other issues.


Bluehost is not only hosting providers but they also domain registrar company. that's great for you because you don't need to go anywhere for the domain and hosting you will get a domain and hosting both from one place.

with the domain, Bluehost will give you easy management of your domain easy to use interface and simplicity will give you the best management of your domain  

if you buy domain then you need to renew it after the Domain period is over so in the Bluehost you don't need to worried about renewal because renewal is automatic if you allowed auto-renewal then they automatically renew your domain after your Domain expire period is over. 

Bluehost also give 24/7 support for their domain service so you no need to worry about any type of issue.

Price of Top domain 

  • .com- $11.99 Year
  • .org- $8.99 Year
  • .net- $12.99 Year
  • .co-  $9.99 Year
  • .biz- $9.99 Year
  • .blog- $16.99 Year
I really like Bluehost and I personally suggest you to buy Bluehost hosting and domain for your website.

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