Apex Legends for Android/IOS

 Apex Legends for Android/IOS

Apex Legends for Android/iOS
Apex Legends for Android/iOS

 Apex Legends for Android/iOS another battle royale game is coming soon for Android and IOS. this game is already rollout for PC and console also.

This game is already going to hit in a very short time on PC and console. because this game seems like a mixture of PUBG and Fortnite.

Apex Legend game released by electronic arts. generally, EA games do not develop this type of games but now they also have a battle royal game and that's really different form EAs other games.

In the PC this games size is 12 to 13 GB and this game is totally free to play games because you do not have to pay money for playing this game.


Graphics wise this game is nice because this game is created by EA games and when they develop a game then undoubtedly games graphics is always been great.

Games Maps and landmarks are pretty good and when you going to play this game you should enjoy the game.

EA games are using their experience in this game because when you going to play this game you should feel it because if you play any EA shooting games like Crysis, battlefield, anthem then you understand that what should I say.


The gameplay of this game is the same as other battle royal games you should drop by a plane to the land and where you can fight with the players.

in the Apex Legends, you should free to choose many Legends and they all have their special abilities and their superpowers.

when you play this game then you feel like this game is a really great mixture of PUBG and Fortnite game. This game has everything that we miss in PUBG and Fortnite.

loots kills, combat system is similar to other battle royale games. but one thing is not the same as PUBG and Fortnite and it is a superpower and ability of our characters.

All different kinds of legends have different kinds of power someone have dimension control powers someone have toxic powers and someone has cloning powers so these types of changes make these games different from other battle royal game.

When Apex Legends comes for Android/IOS

Apex Legends is confirmed to come in a mobile version soon. because of that's official news from EA games where they give us confirmation about the mobile version of Apex legends.

Download Apex Legends

This game is completely free for all platforms for PC and console.

if you have ps4 and Xbox then you can download this game form your game store.

and if you have PC then you I give the download link below just hit the download button.

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