Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World
Train Conductor World 

Train Conductor World is a puzzle type game where you are a conductor and you need to control and change train tracks as per train root.

Game Details

if you like puzzle type games then you also like this game because in this game you need to arrange train tracks as per the train root. in the game, different train tracks appeared and those tracks have numbers and when the train arrived you need to arrange those trains numbers with the track number so train reaches the right place. 

when your level increased trains speed and count of the trains also increased as per your level. this game test your reflex very well because at the one time many trains arrive are you need to arrange them all as per track numbers so when multiple trains run on single tracks at once so that time you need to tack a  quick decision that which train going first and which train need to hold.

customization option also available to you for your trains when you unlock new levels you are able to customize your trains and train network. when your level grows your train network also grow fast and quickly.

this game is available for your android and ios devices in the Android version you need android 4.4 KitKat and up to run this game.

if we talk about the game size so it's only 40+ MB game you don't need more data for this game. in the play store this game cross 5 million plus downloads it means the game is good and people are enjoying this game.

this game simply available on play store so if you don't want to search in play store for this game then just click the download button below and you are automatically redirected to the download page.

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