Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date

Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date

Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date
Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date

Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date today we are talking about Call Of Duty Mobile Release Date, Game Modes and other things of the game so lets checkout.

Friends we all know that Call Of Duty Mobile it means call of duty legends of war is coming to our phone shortly and Tencent has released the game but the question is when this game is released officially so today we are going to share you about the release date and other things of this game.

About the game


If you playing call of duty games in your pc or console then you know and you also like a map of the game. in the call of duty legends of war, Tencent will port call of duty pc versions some hit maps like Nuketown, Hijacked or other maps of call of duty that you play in your pc version of a game. so if you play call of duty legends of war beta version then you may notice that the map is similar like our pc version so that is a good thing because ported maps are work really good.


we all know about call of duty black ops and if you play call of duty black ops series then you know about the heroes in black ops. So not only map but you get black ops heroes also in call of duty legends of war. it means that you are also able to play with your favorite hero in Call Of Duty Mobile. so that is a good strategy by the game developer because if they will give you same experience even maps and characters also like call of duty pc then you also enjoy and keep play the game because it is same as your pc and if you like your pc version game then you also like it.

Game Modes

Call of Duty Legends of War has three types of mode. but in the beta version, they only introduced only two modes in the game and I think when they release this game officially they will give you all three modes.

Multiplayer Mode

The first mode is multiplayer mod this mod is good and like call of duty pc version you get same battle experience maps and all other things like pc.

Zombie Mode

Zombie mode is my favorite mode. and in the Call of Duty Legends of War, you also get zombie mod like your black ops version. and Tencent games really doing a great job for making zombie mode because actually, I don't expect more from zombie mode but this thing is totally changing my mind when I play zombie mode I am impressed with this mode and Tencent game will nicely execute this mode.

Code Black

This mode is actually a mystery for us but as per leaks and news, I think this mode is battle royale mode because today battle royal mode is spead like fire. and they also take advantage of this mode for the game. 

as per leak, they also add the fourth mode and that's called God of War Mode. this mode is 6 vs 6 players multiplayer mode and if you win the game in this mode you get high ranking and if you lose the game your rank decrease also.

Call Of Duty Mobile you also get a custom room like PUBG and skills and other types of thinks kile guns and skins. when the game released this game will support 60 FPS but in the future, it also supports 120 FPS also.


When you die you are able to spectate your enemy and you also able to see what type of weapons your enemy will carry even you able to spectate your enemy with a first-person and third person so that is actually very nice.

Release Date

Now the main part is when the game is globally released? Answer of this question is February. this game is released in mid-February or end of February. so don't worry you will get this game in feb at Play store.    

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