Snow mode in battle royal games

Snow mode in battle royal games

Snow mode in battle royal games
Snow mode in battle royal games

At this time every game developer company add snow mod in their games and snow mode is also included in our famous games like battle royal games so let's check which games have included snow mod.


Every once favourite game, the game that creates new hype in the gaming world and a game that grow gaming community and create new streamers in many countries. PUBG is a really awesome game and they constantly update the game and included many types of mods, maps in the game now at the December they release new beta version in android V0.10 include snow map in the game it's called vikendi map, and also add snow theme in home screen not only snow map but in the new update include new snowmobile, snowball fight in the lobby and many more feature so PUBG fans enjoy new update and it your chicken dinner.

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everyone who plays pubg they know the game free fire is the best game and this game is a first battle royal game that reaches 100 million downloads. this game is very good for those who enable to run PUBG on their mobile phone because of its ram and performance. free fire game size is not very big like PUBG it's only 400 + mb game and this game has great graphics and its run in every device it doesn't matter how much ram in your device its run very smoothly in 1 gb ram 2 gb ram 3 gb ram any device. 4 December the game has new update V1.25.3 and with this update game have new snow mod. and snow theme in home. in the snow mod trees is a coverup by the snow and it's so fun to play so if you love to play free fire you got more fun with snow mod.


Another big game that also have snow mod in the December x-mas update now every people just play PUBG but if you feel boring to play same game and try something new then this battle royal game is perfect for you because this game has some features that PUBG also don't have feature like new models cars flying objects and many more so this game is true competitor for PUBG but at this time peoples like to play only  PUBG. Netease issue x-mas update at 18 December and its include snow mod. not only snow mod but many other things like exclusive vehicle animation. Rifle Adjustment: Reduced recoil of the QBZ rifle and many more features so if you still don't play Rules of survival then I suggest you that try it once and you love it.


Only one game beats PUBG in 2018 and its Fortnite. Every people who know about PUBG they also know about Fortnite. In the India PUBG Is most famous but in the Europe and western country fortnite is most popular game ever. Fortnite is best game but it's not comfortable for low end mobiles so that is huge disappointment from epic games. Fortnite seasons 7 is released and that is very big update for fortunate lovers because it has many items and product in this update like Snow map, air plane, new skinnes new pets and much more so if you are big fan of fortnite and you love to play fortnite then this season 7 is going to fun for you. So play seasons 7 and enjoy it.

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