Ram rider | Clash royale

Ram rider | Clash royale

Ram rider | Clash royale
Ram rider | Clash royale

Clash royale introducing new card and that's called Ram rider so it looks like our favourite Hog rider but its attack is different and that's also clear in the video that upload by clash royale to introduce Ram rider.

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Legendary Ram rider is a very good attacker in the clash royale battlegrounds. Ram rider attacking strategy is simple when you release ram rider then it's going ahead and its Ram is attack nearest building and rider is attacking over the army so it's best for you because other attackers attack to the enemy and when the enemy dies they attack buildings

Ram rider is stunned she's enemy by she’s trap type weapon. The weapon is one rope and 2 bools are joint over the 2 thread of rope when she through the weapon then the enemy is going to stun by Ram riders attack. Ram rider is a unique card and its use 5 elixir. Ram rider is able to kill skeletons but Ram riders does not kill ice bear.

Info about Ram rider at level 9

Damage - 220

Damage per second - 122

Rider count - 1

Hit speed - 1.8 sec

Speed - medium

Charge damage - 440

Hit points - 1461

Rider level - 9

Targets - Buildings

Range - melee


Damage - 86

Range - 5.5

Snare duration - 2 sec

Hit speed - 1.1 sec

Targets - Air & Ground

So friends if you play clash royale and you love this game so this card gives you totally fun while playing it.

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