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Blogging for beginners

Blogging for beginners

Blogging for beginners
Blogging for beginners

Today we are talking about mistakes that most of the bloggers make while they start blogging so if you want to start a blog and you want to ignore the mistakes then this article is for you.

Choose Platform 

every blogger is confused when they what to start blogging. because they also don't know that which blogging platform is best for them. and after choosing the wrong platform they are not handling it and suddenly they go into depression. and after they become demotivate and leave blogging. so choose the right platform for blogging.

so which platform do you choose for blogging? at this time many new blogging platforms exist like wix and other new platforms. but I will suggest that you need to go with the 2 most popular blogging platform and what is it?


Blogger is a very good choice for you because every new blogger starts with blogger because it is simple to use and the second thing it is free to use. when you don't have your own domain name then you get a domain name with for free by blogger and you are free to create a blog. but if you have your own domain name and you want to create a simple but effected blog without spending lots of money then blogger is perfect for you because in the blogger you don't need to purchase any hosting because of its google’s product and Google are providing you faster hosting and it's absolutely free. bloggers free hosting is so powerful like cloud hosting. Google’s hosting is able to handle unlimited live traffic and tats not affect your website performance your website never been crashed. If we compare cloud hosting with bloggers free hosting its only one difference between them and it's the price one side you need to spend more than 1500 rs per month  for good clouds hosting and another side you don't need to buy hosting because it's free

Blogger is best and simple and also it's free. I also use it for my website so if you are not afraid by hard work than it's the very best option for you.


WordPress is not like blogger because WordPress is not free if you want to create a business website and you want to fully customize your site without any coding then its best for you. But it is a little bit expensive because in this platform you need to purchase hosting. But if you don't have any problem to spend money on hosting then you are able to create a master please and powerful website even every successful blogger are using WordPress because WordPress is saving their effort in coding and another thing like SEO. WordPress has lots of add-ons and it is very useful for SEO and other customization. WordPress is best for those who are a pro in blogging because if you don't know how to back up and other stuff in Cpanel like change hosting and other stuff then it's very risky sometimes when you change your hosting your own and that times 1 mistake is able to vanish your all stuff data and even your traffic also so if you are pro in blogging then WordPress is best for you.

WordPress gives you more customizations and we are able to create a professional website through wordpress.

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